Get the latest Mongrel2 source.

Mongrel2 version 1.13.0 is available for download (SHA-1: 6057f9cbfae41e2cdef1e0f715df3c1a4d3a1884).

What Is Mongrel2?

Mongrel2 is an application, language, and network architecture agnostic web server that focuses on web applications using modern browser technologies.

Mongrel2 supports 17 languages and platforms, HTTP, Flash sockets, WebSockets, Long Polling, and many ways to deploy and hack on it.

Tons of Platforms
Tons of Languages

We currently support 17 languages and platforms that you can build your apps in all at the same time.

Flexible Architectures
Operations Friendly

You can control nearly every aspect of a Mongrel2 from any of the supported languages.

Unique color vaiations
Multiple Protocols

Support HTTP 1.1 and 1.0, Flash JSON Sockets, Flash XML Sockets, and coming soon, WebSockets (hybi).

Unique features
Modern Design

Written in clean easy-to-read C using a modern internal events+coroutines design.

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Are you looking for Help with Mongrel2?

There's a few ways you can get help with Mongrel2. We've got a mailing list at that you can join. You can also come talk to us on IRC at #mongrel2 on

There's also documentation you can read and even a full manual covering everything we could document and that's updated for each release.

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Are you looking for The source code?

You can checkout the git repository at or get the latest tar.bz2.

You'll want the develop branch for the latest development work. We can't guarantee that it'll work though.

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