Mongrel2 v1.8.0 Coming Soon

I spent the day coding up the big features I wanted to get done for Mongrel2 v1.8.0. So far we've managed to get the following stuff cleaned up and ready to release:

  1. Hot reloading, where the reloading of a config happens instantly and is lazy loaded and should be damn near perfect or I'll puke.
  2. SSL is now using the latest PolarSSL, has session caching in a dumb way, and is documented in the manual.
  3. WebSockets should be working, but they're using the new hybi protocol spec, so only really recent Firefox can work with it. This work has been done mostly by jasom.
  4. Filters are now totally configurable, and how to configure one is documented in the manual
  5. There's also a working sample Filter that doesn't do much, and it's also documented in the manual

And as usual, tons of bug fixes and stuff.

Please take the time to review all of this stuff, try it out, thrash it, and then report back. This is all in the develop branch on github.