Mongrel2 is a modern web server that is protocol and language agnostic.

Build it on most Linux and OSX systems, with other platforms on the way. Get started now.


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  • 13 languages Use any language that supports ZeroMQ.
  • 4 frameworks New frameworks that exploit Mongrel2's advanced features.
  • 4+ platforms Even Java and .NET are supported.
  • Easy to Extend Adding a new platform or programming language is easy.
  • Automated control Use the control port to fully control using most supported languages.
  • Data configurable Point the server at databases, redis, mongodb, anything.
  • Remote logging High speed logging to a ZeroMQ port or files.
  • App centric routing The application is in control, not the web server.
  • HTTP 1.1 Supports HTTP 1.1 and most uses of the 1.0 standard where needed.
  • Flash Sockets Flash sockets with built-in XML and JSON payloads.
  • Async Polling Async polling mechanisms for long polling or streaming.
  • WebSockets (beta) The most recent hybi WebSocket protocol.
  • Event based Uses poll and epoll for its internal I/O event processing.
  • Coroutine simplicity Has a fast coroutine system that simplifies internal structure. No more callback soup.
  • Multi-core threads Processes handler backend messages through ZeroMQ and multiple threads.
  • Simple C code Written in a simple easy to understand C coding style.
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